Family portrait- Williamson park

This lovely family were treated to a gift voucher for a family photo shoot. The chosen location was Williamson Park in Lancaster. The children had such a great time and really enjoyed playing on this lovely spring day, as I stopped every now and then to take a few shots.

Children photograph so well outside as there are many distractions and fun things to explore along the way.

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7oth Birthday Rydal Hall

This lovely family booked me to take pictures of a family get together for a 70th birthday party at Rydal Hall a couple of weeks ago. This building has such beautiful grounds and sweeping staircases in the garden which make for a dramatic and impressive backdrop in the heart of the Lake District

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Andrea and George Lindeth Howe

Andrea and George had a fantastic day at Lindeth Howe in Windermere to celebrate their marriage.

The day was very wet and windy but we managed to have a break in the clouds and grab an opportunity for some photos outside.

 Lindeth Howe is a gorgeous venue and I have always enjoyed working here with Alison and her team.

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Julie and Mark- Lodore falls

Julie and mark had a fantastic wedding at Lodore Falls in February. It was soooo cold but the sky was a s blue as could be and the views across the lake were incredible.

An amazing venue for weddings.

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Corporate shoot

I had a great day with a digital marketing team last week, providing images for their new website. It was a fantastic opportunity to be able to show the beautiful part of the country in which they are based, as well as some more urban shots. Thanks you to The Lakeside Hotel for allowing us to use your lovely venue.067

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Samantha and Tom- Castle Green Hotel

I hadn’t photographed a wedding at Ingleton Church for quite some time but remembered what a lovely place it is when I photographed Samantha and Tom’s wedding in January. The rain kept away and we enjoyed a warm day for the time of year. Photos were taken outside and all the guests were so relaxed and lovely. As I was about to photograph the Groomsmen at the church, Samantha arrived early, so there was a bit of a ‘reverse back into church’ moment so that she wouldn’t be seen. After the wedding ceremony, the couple had their little girl christened and all the children joined in around the font which was a great moment. Afterwards, we all went to Castle Green Hotel before dark and managed to take some pictures in the grounds. I left the couple to dance the night away and walked back to my house across the road! A great day!

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Hanna and Matthew- The Villa Levens

Hanna and Matthew had a fantastic day at The Villa Levens, where they celebrated their marriage with wonderful family and friends. This is the first wedding I have photographed at The Villa which opened recently. It is a very special place to me as I grew up on the same lane and new it for many years as the salesian sisters convent. The conversion to a hotel and wedding venue has been tastefully designed and kept the original features of the building, making it a unique place. Kate at Made in flowers, Kendal did a fantastic job with all the floral arrangements and bouquets and Ann from The Hair hut Kendal, created some wonderful hair up do’s. A great day was had by all.

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Lisa & Chris, Casa Do Largo, Algarve

Lisa and Chris had an amazing wedding in Portugal last month. This is a very special place to me as we have been visiting Vilamoura for the last 8 years so it was like home from home. Lisa and her bridesmaids were absolutely beautiful. The ceremony and reception was held at Casa Do Largo in the Old Village resort. Beautiful weather meant that the couple were able to hold the ceremony and reception meal outside. More merriment continued into the night and a fantastic day was had by all.

Chris & Lisa

My career in cameras

I was just marvelling at my new Nikon D810 which I purchased a couple of weeks ago and it made me reflect on just how much photography has changed since I started my business 23 years ago. Back in those old days, wedding photography styles were very different as many cameras were still medium format which used roll film. I was very lucky to meet photographer Warwick Dickinson and his wife Valerie in 1993. They allowed me to accompany them for a full wedding season at which time I never picked up a camera once! I learned how a wedding works and where I should be at what time in order to help make the day run smoothly. I was very aware of all the other professionals on the day and the fact that the Hotel had to seat the guests at a certain time, to avoid a spoiled meal, so I had to make sure all the images required were taken within the allocated time. In 1994, I shot my first wedding with  my new Hasselblad camera which was square format and you got 12 shots to a roll!!! This meant that every time you pressed the shutter it cost about £3.50 (price of the film, lab developing and proofs to be printed to show to your clients.) A whole wedding would probably produce 60 shots! Can you image that these days? The cameras created beautiful images but were so heavy and cumbersome that they were tripod mounted which always frustrated me as I didn’t have any freedom to capture moments and everything had to be set up for the shot. However, this ‘classical’ training certainly didn’t do me any harm as it taught me to make sure the image was right before I ‘pressed the button.’ A discipline which still stays with me today. I used to leave my film for the laboratory to collect and by Thursday, there were my proofs- delivered. It always amazed me how by using  a light meter and fill in flash, how accurate the exposures  were. After a few years, I also acquired a Canon SLR film camera which gave me much more freedom to take ‘moments’ as well as just posed photographs.

Moving on to 2006, when my daughter Lily was one year old, the photography industry was starting to change dramatically and I made the switch and bought my first digital camera. What a daunting task lay ahead of me. I was tired from looking after a young child and I didn’t know what a pixel was!!! I had no option but to dive in at the deep end and learn -Quickly!

I went on a couple of photoshop courses and learned the basics and began editing my own images. I soon found that as my confidence grew, that I really enjoyed this although I was spending hours sat at the computer- and still am!

How things have moved on again since those first digital years. The camera I have now is incredible. It amazes me how you can zoom in on an image and see someones contact lenses! Editing has become so much easier with the advent of lightroom and I still love my job as much as I did (if not more) than when I started. I still have my Hasselblad as  it is of great sentimental value to me and it taught me a great deal.